React & Firebase Auth

Firebase is a platform developed by Google that helps you build web and mobile apps. Today we’re going to take a look at using Firebase’s authentication services to add user authentication to a React app. We’ll use the Google sign-in feature, which allow users to sign in using their Google accounts. It’s one of the… Read More

Hybrid Slideshow

I’m pleased to announce the release of my Hybrid Slideshow wordpress plugin. Hybrid Slideshow is a jQuery powered image slideshow with drag and drop image ordering. The slideshow can be inserted using a shortcode, widget, or php function call. The options page includes settings for width, height, time between transitions, and transition lengths. The markup… Read More

5 Useful Web Development Books

Although there’s nowhere better to sharpen your skills than your favorite search engine results, I’m still a fan of a good book and thought I would mention a few that I like and use regularly. Professional WordPress Professional WordPress is, I think, the best book on wordpress to date. Released in 2010 from Wrox, this… Read More